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I have been examining cadastral charts on your internet page. I would like to know more about the ordering of reproductions: types of reproductions, prices, how to order reproductions and pay for them, as well as the issue of their delivery.



Our staff can make reproductions on A4 format paper or larger, in colour or black and white, they can also make a CD copy or e-mail you (one sheet at a time) and you can print it out yourself.

For each sheetwe charge the costs of scanning of 3.05 EUR, for CD you need to pay 2.09 EUR, for DVD the price is 2.92 EUR, and for the print the price depends on the size and the method of print and ranges from 0.15 to 2.50 EUR.

You can place your order in person in our reading room or in writing (also by fax or e-mail).

Generally, reproductions are made within a week, only exceptionally (and depending on the reproduction method chosen) they can be made immediately.

You may collect reproductions personally and pay for them at the Archives’ cashier or we can send them to you by mail, together with the invoice.



The image of the cadastre that I was viewing on the Internet is not clear enough. It is impossible to make out the numbers of the individual parcels and borders. Do you by any chance have shots of better quality?



The resolution of the images that you are viewing on the internet is considerably lower than the resolution of the images that are available on the computer in our reading rooms, which we can make reproductions of. We suggest you order a CD copy or a print of the required image in our reading room. When printing from the CD copy, best results are achieved if you are printing in the original size, which is why you have to choose only a fragment of the image for A3 print.



Cadastral municipality/place I am looking for is not included among search results? Why?


It is possible that you spelled the name of the place differently than it is spelled in our records or differently from what we named it. Full text search can help you find other names entered in the field Historical name (including German names). When searching for names starting with Sveti or Šent, try using abbreviations Sv. or Št. If your search still yields no results, try choosing Display other search options and then the option Words that sound similar (soundex). If you still can’t find the chart you are looking for, it is possible that cadastral map for this particular community is not preserved or is kept abroad.
As help in your search you can also have a look at scans showing a division of Carniola and Styria, which include division according to cadastral municipalities. The scans can be found in the subcategory Legenda in pregledne karte: zemljevid 5, and zemljevid 6.



Do you keep data on owners and size of individual land parcels?


uch data can be found in the protocols, which in our plan search are included among textual documents of the Franciscean cadastre. The size of individual parcels is stated in fathoms and yokes. The most frequently searched documents have been digitised; sketch of cadastral municipality, description of its boundaries, list of land parcels, list of building parcels, alphabetic list of owners of parcels within each municipality, list of owners of joint land, a records showing a portion of various land uses and tax assessment study. You can find these as files in textual part for each cadastral municipality in the following fonds: AS 176 Francisecan cadastre for Carniola, AS 177 Franciscean cadastre for Styria, AS 178 Franciscean cadastre for Carinthia and AS 180 Cadastre for Prekmurje region. Records for some of the cadastral municipalities have not been preserved and are thus not included in our online collection.