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I would like to publish a reproduction of your archival records. What do I need to do?


Prior to publishing this reproduction you must sign a contract with the Archives RS, where you state that you will use appropriate citation of our archival sources and that you will submit at least one copy of your publication to our Archives.



I would like to publish data that I found in your records. What do I need to do?


You may publish data, whose publication is not prohibited by the Slovenian legislation. Users assume responsibility for any abuse of secrets of all kinds, abuse of personal data and data that relate to the privacy of an individual. When publishing data, it is necessary to state the correct citation: Arhiv Republike Slovenije, reference code and the name of the fond, and the code of the unit where the records in question were found.



Is it possible to borrow your records for an up-coming exhibition?


Generally, it is not possible to borrow original records. The Archives makes reproductions which are then used in exhibitions, only exceptionally you may also make reproductions yourselves but only in the presence of a member of archival staff. Under certain conditions and only exceptionally an institution may also borrow originals. Such lending of records is carried out based on a contract, and providing the records are appropriately insured.