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The content of this website has been moved to, the state administration's main website published on 1 July 2019.
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I am currently writing about a particular subject for my study assignment. Can you find me data on …?


The archives’ staff does not search for data required by the users for the purpose of their research and study. The archivists also do not provide transliterations, translations or other research work that users may require. We suggest you search our database by entering appropriate keywords and make a list of records that might include data that you need. Bring that list with you when you visit the Archives’ reading room.


I am currently writing about the Slovenian film and fine arts. Could you please give me the list of Slovenian films that reflect the achievements of fine arts?


We suggest you search the link DATA ON FILM COLLECTION. By entering appropriate keywords you then make a list of film titles whose content description makes you believe that they might be of interest to you. Bring that list when you visit the Archives or call Mrs. Marta Rau Selič on + 386 1 2414 226 and discuss the possibilities of viewing individual films.


In a paper I found the following citation among the archival sources: Disciplina in kazen v šoli (945). Arhiv Slovenije, Fond Ministrstva za prosveto LRS, 10864/1-45. I would like to know whether I could borrow these records?


It is not possible to borrow archival records for the purposes of study. You may use the records in our reading room. Prior to using the records, you must first order the records personally, by phone or e-mail at least one working day prior to your visit. You can also order the making of reproductions. Your particular case is an example of incomplete citation. Archival fond, which probably includes the records you are interested in, is the fond of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of Slovenia, AS 231. We suggest you visit our reading room and have a look at the records in question. We do not reproduce entire fonds or larger parts of them.