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In order to exercise my rights in accordance with the Act on Victims of War Violence I need to prove when my family was exiled. How can I find the evidence that I need?


Whenever legal interest is in question, archival records are usually sought by our archival staff. Our search starts on the basis of your application. The data in your application should be as detailed as possible, which will help us in our search: data and place of birth, time of exile, date, place and means of return (if there was an organized transportation) and information on people who travelled with you. Usually it takes us three weeks to send you a reply: if our search is successful we send you a certificate, and if not, we inform you of our unsuccessful search. We also notify you if there is a possibility that you might find data in other institutions.


Currently in action at the administrative unit is a denacionalization procedure for the return of the property. Example: nationalizedshop “Cekarček”, property confiscated from partner Janez Novak based on the decision by the District confiscating commission Ljubljana, no. XX/45, dated XX.XX.1945; business partnes in the shop were also Ana Novak and Jože Primer. We wish to ask you to examine your archival material and find out if it includes any other documents that may help us to prove the confiscation of property.


Since yours is a case of legal interest, the documents will be sought by our archival staff. The success of the search depends mostly on how exact the data that you send us are. You may also inspect the records yourself. Since the documents on confiscation of property usually contain personal data, only people who were authorized by you in writing, are allowed to inspect them on your behalf. The copies of the records will also be certified by us.