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Head of Department: Dr. Jedert VODOPIVEC – TOMAŽIČ,

+386 1 24 14 206, Jedert.Vodopivec(at)



Paper Conservators: +386 1 24 14 204

Lucija PLANINC, Lucija.Planinc(at)

Tatjana RAHOVSY-ŠULIGOJ, Tatjana.Rahovsky(at)

Stanka GRKMAN, Stanislava.Grkman(at)

Marjana CJUHA, Marjana.Cjuha(at)

Mateja KOTAR, Mateja.Kotar(at)

Nataša PETELIN, Natasa.Petelin(at)



Book Conservators: +386 1 24 14 258

Blanka AVGUŠTIN-FLORJANOVIČ, Blanka.Avgustin(at)

Darja HARAUER, Darja.Harauer(at)



Mailing Address

Book and Paper Conservation

Archives of the Republic of Slovenia

Zvezdarska 1

Si- 1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

tel +386 1 24 14 200

fax: +386 1 24 14 269




Book and Paper Conservation Centre at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia is providing preservation and conservation activities for institutions and individuals who keep or own written and graphic cultural heritage (documents, books, maps, works of art, photographic materials and similar). We are trying to slow down the process of ageing and further disintegration of such materials and give  them back their form and functionality with minimal conservation interventions.




Conservation treatments: paper and parchment documents, books, maps, plans and technical drawings, photographs, works of art, seals and similar objects.


Surveys: condition reports for collections or individual items, evaluation of storage conditions, condition polices and treatment programmes


Preventive conservation: storage, handling, display of archival, library material and art on paper

Disaster response: in case of fire, floods and similar emergencies.


Education and Trainings for: conservators, archivists, librarians, museum staff and public.






Book and Paper Conservation Centre was established in 1956 as part of the museum which was the predecessor of the National Museum of Modern History. Since 1980 the department has been part of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia located in the premises of the Grubar palace.


Our continuous more than fifty-year long activity is divided into three periods. The beginnings of the workshop and its development at the Museum of the National Liberation PRS under the lead of Ljudmila Krese in the years from 1956 to 1974; the preparative arrangements and the actual incorporation with the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia under the lead of Nada Čučnik Majcen in the years from 1975 to 1983; to a period at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia that set in the National Archives of Slovenia under the lead of Jedert Vodopivec from 1990 onward.


In the past decade we have proven ourselfs as organizers of three symposiums, two of them with an international attendance and as organizers of several professional education courses.

In 1996, while celebrating our 40th anniversary of activity, we exhibited documents to warn about the causes of decaying and to present the methods of restoration. This occasion coincided with the international symposium entitled Book and Paper Conservations where experts from the fields of humanstic and natural science dealt with the same problems in detail.

In 2003, the Centre organised at the occasion of the meeting of the Board of Preservation and Conservation within the International Council on Archives (ICA/CPTE), the international symposium entitled Exhibiting Archival and Library Material and Works of Art on Paper.

In 2006, during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of our activities, acknowledged Slovenian experts presented the perils of the effect of light on cultural heritage at an interdisciplinary conference (Light and Cultural Heritage).

Proceedings of all the above mentioned symposiums (international editions were published in English and Slovene languages) have brought the scientific results nearer to a wide circle of general public and they also serve as textbooks for Slovenian conservators-restorators.


The same could be said for a pioneer work on medieval manuscript book bindings written by Jedert Vodopivec, which was published in 2000 at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. It contributed an absorbed knowledge on the history of book binding and the establishment of the terminology in the field of book conservation.


With scientific research methods, carried out in cooperation with various universities and scientific institutions, we also investigate the mechanisms of paper ageing; perform indestructible, spectroscopic process analyses on the object surface, and later on apply our research results in practical work.





In addition to being active in the field of restoration and conservation, we also make sure that our staff is able to attend further education and training courses.  We also do research and publish books that are used by experts in the field of conservation, archival science, librarianship and museology.


In order to draw public attention to our activities and to raise the level of expertise in this line of work, we are regularly organizing theoretic and practical courses and seminars, occasionally also symposiums, exhibitions.


By doing so we wish to call attention to the significance of preservation of:


medieval records (medieval codexes, parchment deeds, manuscripts and incunabula, maps and plans). Because of its uniqueness and the materials used, older written and art heritage is considered to be very valuable and thus, worthy of appropriate preservation. Nevertheless, our collections still include a number of records that are damaged or in danger of being damaged and are waiting to be properly protected and stored in suitable repositories.


modern records (created in the 20th century): (photographs, plans, works of art, written or printed records on different types of paper by using different types of writing tools). Due to their sensitivity and abundance, modern records, particularly those created in the late 19th and throughout the 20th centuries, present challenge and expert obstacles for conservators worldwide.


Since there are still a number of records in Slovenian cultural institutions that are in serious danger of being damaged it is our duty to collaborate with archivists, librarians, museum, gallery curators and determine priorities in the process of saving individual records. While the actual conservation treatment is left for the conservator to decide, the proper keeping of such records should be a matter of public concern, but unfortunately the public often turns away from such investments.





Pol stoletja

Centra za konserviranje in restavriranje Arhiva Republike Slovenije

Svetloba in kulturna dediščina



Razstavljanje arhivskega in knjižničnega gradiva ter likovnih del na papirju

Vezave srednjeveških rokopisov 

IFLA načela za hrambo knjižničnega gradiva in za ravnanje z njim

Konserviranje knjig in papirja

Writing and image

Zapis in podoba

Konservatorsko-restavratorska dejavnost v Arhivu SR Slovenije


EDUCATION (symposiums, seminars, training courses)


Workshop 'AN EXEMPLAR FOR STIFF-BOARD BINDING' Ljubljana 8-19 November 2010, Prof. Christopher CLARKSON, Oxford, UK